My share of the slap strap watch buzz

In case you didn’t notice it, here’s my original post on the Anatomy of Buzz Revisited by Emanuel Rosen: However, I feel like it does not really “ooze” the buzz factor for me. So here I am, writing a new one.

Just last week, I started wearing a pink slap strap watch. My mom bought four colors of it—pink, dark blue, white, and orange. My friends started noticing how cute the watch is. And they started asking all sorts of questions such as where I bought my watch, what colors are available, how much is it, and so on. Before I share my contribution on the slap strap buzz, let me first describe to you what a slap strap watch it.

Basically, it looks like this…

L-R: When laid flat and when worn

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10 blog posts, what now?

Finally, I was able to finish the 10 blog posts required for our OrCom 152 class. This would be my 11th one, excluding the introductory post. I was also able to have more than 20 comments on my comments log. But if this was a comm plan, what I’ve achieved was only the output. I need to have an outcome.

The real “desired outcome” for this blog assignment was to put Organizational Communication out on the World Wide Web. Meaning, when people would type “Organizational Communication” in Google, they would encounter our blogs at the top of the search results—just like Alps Aguado’s blog. Obviously, I failed this part of the assignment. However, my blog had a different outcome on me.

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Hello hola bonjour

One of the things I want to do before I die is to travel and experience different cultures. I want to walk the streets of New York, go sightseeing in London, fall in love in Taj Mahal, be fascinated by the aurora borealis in Alaska, swim along the island of Santorini, watch a Formula 1 grand prix in Monaco, see the night lights in Paris, reach the rubbles of Machu Pichu, eat pizza and gelato in Italy, be amazed by the ancient Ankor Wat, and the list goes on. In fact, my dream job is to be the next Samantha Brown in Discovery Travel in Living. Hee hee. 😉

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Of Lego bricks and hyperspecialization

When I think about my childhood, I never fail to think about Lego. I’ve always enjoyed playing with it. With all its colors and unique pieces, I’m pretty sure that no child would go unentertained. I remember building houses and cars, and sometimes even a neighborhood.

"Mommy, I want a new set of Lego bricks for Christmas."

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Rumor has it

Rumors are a big part of our lives. We might not be aware of it, but we engage in rumor-spreading activities such as students making up stories about a certain girl who broke up with her boyfriend, employees whispering about their manager’s mistress, neighbors formulating stories about someone who just moved into their village, and so on. Rich or poor, educated or not, everyone loves a good controversy. Having information which nobody else knows puts us on a pedestal and makes us itching to spread it like wildfire.

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Communication boo-boo #2

You’re an activist—taking your causes to the streets, shouting your lungs out, and raising your red-stricken signs. You believe that the only way to solve national issues is by doing so.

You’re anti-capitalist—hating multinational corporations and bashing all these brands that are so focused on making money. You claim that these organizations are selfish and evil.

You’re one with the masses—siding with the poor people’s sentiments always and making sure that they receive the proper treatment they deserve. You know how they live and you share their sentiments.

There’s nothing wrong with all the mentioned scenarios. I, for one, am someone who respects the individuality of beliefs, ideas, and lifestyles. But what is wrong is when the action is inconsistent with the message. Continue reading

Steve, who?

The whole world was caught off guard yesterday by the death of one of technology’s most distinguished men—Steve Jobs. People from all parts of the globe tweeted, posted links and status messages on Facebook, and texted their friends about the devastating news. They also shared stories about Jobs’s revolutionary mind when it comes to technology and how was able to inspire millions of people.

RIP Steve Jobs

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